McDonald's Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s 100% Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder

How do you launch a new burger on National Selfie Day that’s so fresh and juicy it leaves your hands a little messy? With a French fry stylus and a family that’s known for their selfies - the Kardashians.

So we worked with Kirby Jenner - the self proclaimed fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner - to tell the world about the new burger and the Frylus.

We actually made these french fry styluses and had people all over the US coming into McDonald’s on National Selfie Day to not only take a picture, but get a Quarter Pounder.

Ananta Prayitno

Launch film for the Frylus and the New 100% Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder from McDonald’s


Frylus and Quarter Pounder

We captured product photography that was inline with the look and feel of the film.


Frylus, Quarter Pounder, and Packaging

The packaging that the Frylus came in could be folded into a phone stand so that you could take a selfie while holding your burger and Frylus.

A series of photography featuring Kirby Jenner, the Frylus, and the 100% Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder that we turned into a physical lookbook.

The media wrote headlines about it and people went in and got it and posted to social media.