Size 4-6 Months

National Peanut Board: Peanut Allergies

The National Peanut Board of the United States has a vested interest in solving an issue that is top of mind for almost all Americans: peanut allergies.

So we set out to tell people exactly how that’s done; by introducing peanut foods into your diet at a very young age between 4 and 6 months.

We created a very tactical way to keep this message in front of parents: by putting it right on their baby’s clothes.

Ananta Prayitno

Case study for the campaign.

We created a website where any and all peanut allergy information could be found.

We did a baby photoshoot to showcase our new fashion line: Size 4-6 Months

Introducing peanuts at an early age can be especially scary for parents so our website also housed a series of stories from real parents that we produced about their journey with early introduction - including stories from actor/director Justin Baldoni.